UK Residential & Business Postcode Property Counts

This instant download analyses every known delivery point / address in the UK (circa. 32 million) found within Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF), and provides a postcode breakdown representing these addresses.  The output consists of circa 1.8 million postcodes along with the postcodes business and residential counts: a total count for businesses within the postcode and then a count for residential addresses. The postcodes / Counts are updated quarterly to ensure they remain current, and our clients receive an inclusive complete refresh every three months as part of the service, for no additional fee.


Most of our customers use this file to overlay property density onto “heat” maps that show how busy / hot a postcode sector, district or area is. The maps can show residential and business sites separately. Other clients such as door drop agencies will use the file to help prepare their quotes. Quotes to customers become more accurate if they know how many homes they will be delivering to.

  • Improved accuracy of customer and prospect analysis
  • Door Drop Planning
  • Distribution Analysis


Initially you receive one ZIP compressed file that when unpacked will reveal two Comma Separated Variable (CSV) files: (1) PPC-FLL-UK-CSV-1 containing all live Postcodes from Postcode Areas AB to LN (902,780 postcodes); (2) PPC-FLL-UK-CSV-2 containing all live Postcodes from Postcode Areas LS to ZE (890,746 postcodes).  CSV text files contain header records and will open in any common application including SQL, Word, MS Access and MS Excel.

Fields presented in the files:

  • Postcode (e.g. LN9 6QJ)
  • Postcode Sector (e.g. LN9 6)
  • Postcode District (e.g. LN9)
  • Postcode Area (e.g. LN)
  • Total Addresses in full Postcode (e.g. 5)
  • Total Business Addresses in full Postcode (e.g. 1)
  • Total Residential Addresses in full Postcode (e.g. 4)


The data covers the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).  The counts are based on every known delivery point / address in the UK (circa. 32 million) found within Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF), and provides a postcode breakdown (circa. 1,793,526) and counts for the postcode. The counts exclude Royal Mail’s Multi Residencies (MRES) (rooms or dwellings that sit behind a delivery point / address), e.g. multi occupancies within a building.  This product also excludes Royal Mail’s Not Yet Built (NYB) file (properties that are in the planning or building stages).

Use this link, if you would prefer a breakdown by Postcode Sector, District or Area rather than the full postcode.


Downloads are supplied as licensed products, allowing unlimited reuse of the file content for 12 months.    You may cancel the licence at any time without penalty.  The licence fee you pay covers the considerable effort taken to compile and update the product, including our manual correction and verification, and finally verification against the latest Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey databases. On or before the 11th month, we will write to you, offering to extend the licence for a further 12 months or to let it expire.


As part of the fee paid, we will automatically send you a full product file refresher every 3 months for no additional fee.  This will ensure the postcodes and associated content remains current.


We have developed internal quality processes to help ensure the data you purchase is fit for purpose.  If you are for some reason not satisfied with the data or our work, we offer a no quibble refund in exchange for your feedback.

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£150.00£1,120.00 / year

Instant Download: A link to the data, is emailed upon payment.  We will also email a link to the updated version of this file every three months (included in the fee you pay).

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