Royal Mail’s Not Yet Built (NYB) dataset

This instant download contains all circa. 706,940 Not Yet Built (NYB) UK wide addresses / delivery points that are under construction or in the planning stage, i.e. not yet built, new opportunities. Addresses within the file are updated quarterly to ensure they remain current, and our clients receive an inclusive complete refresh every three months as part of the service, for no additional fee.

NYB Applications

Not Yet Built data is a powerful dataset used by organisations in a variety of sectors.  Containing details of properties that are scheduled to be built, being built or just being released.  A valuable marketing asset for organisations such as utility companies, credit referencing agencies, florists, fast food outlets, general retailers and education authorities.  Companies involved in property or construction will also find the data beneficial.

  • Build an accurate picture of where your future customers will be
  • Improve your knowledge of local markets
  • Plan campaigns in advance for customers who will have a demand for your products and services


    This dataset covers the UK and shows only relevant postcodes and addresses that are in the planning and development stage, and therefore does not contain every postcode in the UK.  Files that compliment this Not Yet Build data set: Royal Mail’s Postcode file of all 1.9 million postcodesRoyal Mail Multi Residency fileRoyal Mail’s Postcode Address File, containing every business & residential address in the UK.

    You’ll initially receive one compressed file (ZIP), which opens into a Comma Separated Variable (CSV) text file.  CSV files will open with most software applications, including but not limited to Excel, Word, Notepad, Access, SQL etc.   If you require the data supplied in another format then we will be more than happy to try and accommodate you at no extra cost.  

    Data fields present within the product file:

    • UDPRN (Royal Mail Unique Reference Number)
    • Organisation Name (blank if residential address)
    • Department Name (blank if residential address)
    • PO Box (if applicable)
    • SU Organisation Indicator
    • Building Name (if applicable)
    • Sub Building Name (if applicable)
    • Building / House Number
    • Thoroughfare
    • Street / Road Name
    • Double Dependent Locality
    • Dependent Locality
    • Post Town
    • Postcode
    • Postcode Type
    • SU Organisation Flag (blank if residential)
    • Delivery Point Suffix


    Royal Mail forms part of the process when an address is created, meaning that street name information relating to new developments is received from Local Authorities and registered onto Royal Mail’s NYB file whilst being assigned a postcode. This instant download contains all circa. 706,940 Not Yet Built (NYB) UK wide addresses / delivery points that are currently under construction or in the planning stage.   Royal Mail works with each UK authority, supporting planning departments, to define street names and postcodes – preparing them for delivery / post distribution.  The file is the only comprehensive national and central single source database of its type.  As the file focuses on NYB properties it does not include properties that are already built; these can be found on Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF), which is an additional dataset.


    Downloads are supplied as licensed products, allowing unlimited reuse of the file content for 12 months.    You may cancel the licence at any time without penalty.  The licence fee you pay covers the considerable effort taken to compile and update the product, including our manual correction and verification, and finally verification against the latest Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey databases. On or before the 11th month, we will write to you, offering to extend the licence for a further 12 months or to let it expire.


    As part of the fee paid, we will automatically send you a full product file refresher every 3 months for no additional fee.  This will ensure the postcodes and associated content remains current.


    We have developed internal quality processes to help ensure the data you purchase is fit for purpose.  If you are for some reason not satisfied with the data or our work, we offer a no quibble refund in exchange for your feedback.

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    £200.00£2,675.00 / year

    Instant Download: A link to the data, is emailed upon payment.  We will also email a link to the updated version of this file every three months (included in the fee you pay).

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