Order: Single User Licence - PAF - Postcode Address File

PAF - Postcode Address File - Data List TablePostcode Address File (PAF), Single User Licence, Full Record: An annual licence, where the product will be held on an individual work station or terminal or hand-held or device. Data may be used or made available to a single user. Multiple access or storage of the product is forbidden.

Each of the Following Products £70
  • AB (Aberdeen)
    AL (St Albans)
    B (Birmingham)
    BA (Bath)
    BB (Blackburn)
    BD (Bradford)
    BH (Bournemouth)
    BL (Bolton)
    BN (Brighton)
    BR (Bromley)
    BS (Bristol)
    BT (Northern Ireland)
    CA (Carlisle)
    CB (Cambridge)
    CF (Cardiff)
    CH (Chester)
    CM (Chelmsford)
    CO (Colchester)
    CR (Croydon)
    CT (Canterbury)
    CV (Coventry)
    CW (Crewe)
    DA (Dartford)
    DD (Dundee)
    DE (Derby)
    DG (Dumfries)
    DH (Durham)
    DL (Darlington)
    DN (Doncaster)
    DT (Dorchester)
    DY (Dudley)
    E (London East)
    EC (London E. Ctr.)
    EH (Edinburgh)
    EN (Enfield)
    EX (Exeter)
    FK (Falkirk)
    FY (Blackpool)
    G (Glasgow)
    GL (Gloucester)
    GU (Guildford)
    GY (Guernsey)
    HA (Harrow)
    HD (Huddersfield)
    HG (Harrogate)
    HP (Hemel Hemp.)
    HR (Hereford)
    HS (Hebrides)
    HU (Hull)
    HX (Halifax)
    IG (Ilford)
    IM (Isle Of Man)
    IP (Ipswich)
    IV (Inverness)
    JE (Jersey)
    KA (Kilmarnock )
    KT (Kingston)
    KW (Kirkwall)
    KY (Kirkcaldy)
    L (Liverpool)
    LA (Lancaster)
    LD (Lland'nod Wells)
    LE (Leicester)
    LN (Lincoln)
    LS (Leeds)
    LU (Luton)
    M (Manchester)
    ME (Medway)
    MK (Milton Keynes)
    ML (Motherwell)
    N (London North)
    NE (Newcastle)
    NG (Nottingham)
    NN (Northampton)
    NP (Newport)
    NR (Norwich)
    NW (London N.W.)
    OL (Oldham)
    OX (Oxford)
    PA (Paisley)
    PE (Peterborough)
    PL (Plymouth)
    PO (Portsmouth)
    PR (Preston)
    RG (Reading)
    RH (Redhill)
    RM (Romford)
    S (Sheffield)
    SA (Swansea)
    SE (London S.E.)
    SG (Stevenage)
    SK (Stockport)
    SL (Slough)
    SM (Sutton)
    SN (Swindon)
    SO (Southampton)
    SP (Salisbury)
    SR (Sunderland)
    SS (Southend'Sea)
    ST (Stoke'Trent)
    SW (London S.W.)
    SY (Shrewsbury)
    TA (Taunton)
    TD (Galashiels)
    TF (Telford)
    TN (Tonbridge)
    TQ (Torquay)
    TR (Truro)
    TS (Cleveland)
    TW (Twickenham)
    UB (Southall 'UXB)
    W (London West)
    WA (Warrington)
    WC (London City)
    WD (Watford)
    WF (Wakefield)
    WN (Wigan)
    WR (Worcester)
    WS (Walsall)
    WV (Wolve'pton)
    YO (York)
    ZE (Zetland)


The PAF file contains 29 million records / rows. To make this file more manageable the product that you download will have been segmented into five smaller files that when combined represents the full PAF file.

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