Postcodes to Administrative Electoral Constituency Wards and Divisions

Postcodes to Administrative Wards Electoral ConstituencyElectoral list of Administrative Wards, Districts and Country along with their associated Postcodes: A Ward in the United Kingdom is an electoral district that could have several local authority Councillors representing it. This file of 1.743 million postcodes links directly to the electoral wards that fall within Great Britain. Whilst business operations are based completely around postcode boundaries the age old policies of government remain locked in time using administrative geography such as wards. As you may know, the two processes of postal delivery systems and political administrative ward boundaries developed independently of each other. This regrettably means that no official direct link between postcode to Administrative Wards, Districts or Counties currently exists.

Electoral Wards are found in most of England but in Wales and the Isle of Wight the equivalent areas are legally termed 'electoral divisions', although they are frequently also referred to as wards. The only part of England and Wales without electoral wards / divisions is the Isles of Scilly, which has its own council but no electoral zoning. For statistical purposes however, ONS treats the islands' five parishes as electoral wards. Electoral wards/divisions (and the Scilly parishes) cover the whole of England and Wales and all higher administrative units are necessarily built up from them. They are also used to constitute many other geographies such as NUTS areas and Westminster Parliamentary Constituencies. Buy NowElectoral ward / division boundary changes are usually enacted on the first Thursday in May each year, to coincide with the local government elections. Local Authority Districts (LADs) is a generic term to describe the 'district' level of local government in England and Wales. It includes non-metropolitan districts, metropolitan districts, unitary authorities and London Boroughs in England; and Welsh Unitary Authorities. The areas are made up of whole electoral wards/divisions.

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