Postcode PostZon and CodePoint References / Coordinates - Table / List

Postcode PostZon CodePoint Data List Table Grid ReferencesPostZon and CodePoint: There are several Postcode Coordinate systems available.  The most up-to-date and accurate systems are provided via Ordnance Survey's CodePoint and Royal Mail's PostZon files.

An address based coordinate that points to a specific delivery point is the most accurate - one meter to the delivery point for any specific address. This Postcode CodePoint PostZon based system is accurate to within one meter of the first delivery address within a postcode.

Buy NowPostcode to CodePoint PostZon Table: This National (UK) hybrid file consists of Ordnance Survey Great Britain (OSGB) CodePoint Postcodes PLUS we've added Royal Mail PostZon Postcodes to cover Northern Ireland, thus completing the file so that it covers every UK postcode (1.8 million postcodes). This file is accurate to within one meter of the postcode's first delivery address (100 meters for Belfast postcodes).

Product Specifics: Ordnance Survey CodePoint, Royal Mail PostZon
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  • Fields: Postcode, Postcode Area, Postcode District, Postcode Sector, PQI, X Coordinate, Y Coordinate, Longitude, Latitude.
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