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Postcode County Names TableUK Postcodes to County Names: The definitive Postcode database relating Postcodes for England, Scotland and Wales to their respective counties. The data is sourced from the latest Ordnance Survey Code-Point© Open data and Royal Mail reference files and has been processed to create a single database structure containing a total of 3 data fields for ease of use. Postcodes for Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) are taken directly from the Ordnance Survey Code-Point Open data. County identifiers are sourced from official Royal Mail information. Licence Options

Counties are no longer required as part of a correct postal address provided the Post Town and Postcode are present.

The Traditional County is the county name most recognised by the public even if the counties do not technically exist anymore – for example Middlesex. This county field is most useful for website applications where users are requested to select a County for an address etc. Whilst these county definitions are no longer maintained by Royal Mail or Ordnance Survey, we have applied geographic analysis to the data to ensure that every Postcode is allocated to a County.
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The Administrative County provides the latest County name for each Postcode based upon administrative geography. This field includes Unitary Authorities where applicable, for example York is within the Unitary Authority of ‘York’ but in the County of ‘Yorkshire’.

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File Content

Field 1, Full Postcode - e.g. B76 1PH
Field 2, Administrative County Name
Field 3, Traditional County Name

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