Royal Mail's Business Address File

Business Mailing ListThis Business Address Database is extracted from Royal Mail's National Database of deliverable addresses.  In total the Postcode Address File (PAF) as it's known, contains all 29 million addresses.  Over 2 million of these addresses are confirmed business deliverables.  This business file will be delivered instantly via a download link that will be emailed on completion of your purchase.  The file contents will include every business address / entity as recognised by the Royal Mail as per the data fields described below.  The Business Address File is updated continuously however cuts from the live file are provided to our customers each quarter for no additional fee so long as you remain in licence.  You may use the file as many times as you like within the licence period which is a twelve month period starting at date of purchase.Buy Now

This Business File is as comprehensive as can be but doesn't contain every business in the UK.  For instance the Government estimates that there are circa 3 million businesses in the UK.  A majority of these are one man bands, single traders, Small Office Home Office (SOHO) operations that aren't registered for VAT, aren't trading or not set up as Limited companies. 

By comparison Companies House (just Ltd companies) also have circa 3 million companies on their database; however half of these are dormant (not trading).  Some reasons for not trading is the company name was registered but never started to trade, company name was registered to protect another part of the group (stopping the name from being registered by another corporation or entity - to protect a brand name for example).

Other companies like Yellow Pages have their own business databases which can be leased for marketing.  Their total business universe is circa 2 million records.  We can supply these records however the minimum order fee that Yellow Pages charge will be £200 for 1,800 records.  The Royal Mail's file by comparison is circa £150 for over 2 million records!  We know the file is accurate as the likes of Yellow Pages use Royal Mail's file to check the accuracy of their own data!

Product Specifics
  • Delivery: Immediate Download / Recorded Delivery
  • Fields:  
                                        Organisation Name
                                        Department Name
                                        PO Box (if applicable)
                                        Building Name
                                        Sub Building Name
                                        Building Number
                                        Street Name
                                        Double Dependent Locality
                                        Dependent Locality
                                        Post Town
                                        Postcode Type
                                        Mailsort SSC
  • Format: Comma Separated Variable (CSV) Text File
  • Compatibility: MS Access, MS Excel 2007 and any other software application with text import
  • Coverage: Every deliverable business address in the UK - as recognised known to Royal Mail.
  • Updates: Includes quarterly updates within licensed period.
  • Licence: 12 months unlimited use before renewal or deletion required
  • Restrictions: Terms & Conditions

PAF Format

The Business file will be supplied zipped. The compressed ZIP file will automatically unzip into a Comma Separated Variable (CSV) file. As a CSV formatted data file, you will find the format compatible with almost any application in the market place including SQL, Word, Excel and Microsoft Access to name but a few.

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