UK Digital Postcode Sector Boundary File - Product Details

Postcode Sector Boundary FileDigital Postcode Boundary File: The Postcode Sector Boundary file is a geographic polygon file which denotes the extent of Postcode Sectors, Districts and Areas in the UK. This file requires the use of a Geographic Information System (GIS) such as MapInfo, Arcview or Google Maps to view the boundaries.

Postcode Boundaries Accuracy: The boundaries have been created from the most accurate Ordnance Survey location data which have a Positional Quality Indicator indicating that the contributing grid references are “Within the building of the matched address closest to the postcode mean determined automatically by Ordnance Survey.  The result is a set of boundaries that will fall correctly between the contributing Postcode locations. It should be noted that as these boundaries are created programmatically they will not accurately follow natural or man-made bounding features such as rivers, canals or road networks.  An example of the accuracy of the data is shown in the images on the postcode boundaries product specification document.
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File Formats: DXF, KML, KMZ, MIF, MID, SHA

Product Specifics: Postcode Boundary Files
  • Delivery: Automatic Download from Purchase
  • Volume: 9,556 Postcode Sectors; 2,738 Postcode Districts; 124 Postcode Areas
  • Fields:     (see specification for list)
  • Format: Zip Compression opens to DXF, KML, MIF, MID or SHA formats
  • Compatibility: Most Software Applications - see specific file format for details.
  • Coverage: UK
  • Projection: British National Grid (OSGB)
  • Updates: Includes quarterly updates within licensed period.
  • Licences: 12 months use before re-purchase or deletion required
  • Restrictions: Terms & Conditions
  • Royal Mail Certified PartnerOrdnance Survey Certified Partner