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UK Postcode to X&Y Coordinates - Data Table List FileSix digit Postcode X&Y Coordinates for every Postcode in the UK - 1.8 million postcodes. These six figure Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail Postcode X&Y Coordinates are by far the most accurate and comprehensive available. We've taken the GB Ordnance Survey data and enriched it with Northern Ireland data using Royal Mail's PostZon X&Y Coordinates. There is a royalty fee to pay but that's taken care of in the fees quoted below. The Postcode X&Y Coordinates are accurate to within 1 meter of the first delivery address within each postcode (this file includes the last two digits of the postcode). This X&Y Coordinates postcode file is updated quarterly using the very latest raw Ordnance Survey GB Code-Point® and Royal Mail PostZon X&Y Coordinates data.

UK Postcodes to X&Y Coordinates - Product Specifics
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  • Record Volume: 1,756,288 records / postcodes
  • Fields: Postcode
                                       Postcode Area
                                       Postcode District
                                       Postcode Sector
                                       X Coordinate
                                       Y Coordinate
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