Order: List of Postcodes to Parliamentary Constituency - Single User Licence

Postcode to Parliamentary Constituency - Data Table List FileA Table of Parliamentary Constituencies and associated Postcodes: The Parliamentary Constituency field holds the Westminster Parliamentary Constituencies and the Alternative Constituency holds the Welsh Assembly name or the Scottish Parliamentary Constituency. In the case of Northern Ireland, Stormont (NI) Constituencies are currently the same as Westminster Constituencies and are therefore named in the Parliamentary Constituency field.

Westminster Parliamentary Constituencies are the areas used to elect Members of Parliament (MPs) to the House of Commons, which is the primary legislative chamber of the UK and is located in Westminster, London.  The Parliamentary Constituency code and name are matched to the Ward codes to provide the Constituency name for each Welsh and English Postcode. Due to up to 8% of Postcodes not having Ward codes yet, we have undertaken geographic proximity analysis to ensure every Postcode is allocated to an appropriate Parliamentary Constituency. Proximity analysis is based on the assumption that an unallocated Postcode falls within the same Parliamentary Constituency as its nearest neighbour. This postcode product file excludes Northern Ireland and Scottish Postcodes.

This maintained Postcode to Administrative Ward table is continually rebuilt and updated every three months to ensure it's as accurate as can be. The file itself is based on Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey source data.  Coverage for: United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

Ordnance Survey Postcode to Parliamentary Constituency - Product Specifics
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  • Format: Comma Separated Variable (CSV) Text File
  • Compatibility: MS Access, MS Excel 2007 and any other software application with text import
  • Coverage: United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.
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