1 October 2020
Royal Mail has for the second year running increased their prices for PAF licences.  The price increase applies from this day forward.  Existing licence holders will be contacted if their licence is one that has had a price increase.

7 June 201
Royal Mail stress that new price increases are coming in June across all licence types.

20 May 2019
We have released Now all of our licence holders will have access to the new system 24 hours after placing an order. In basic terms you can draw a shape on a UK map, and see how many business / residential records are below the shape, then download the address data. If you have a full PAF licence the cost for download will be zero otherwise the system operates on a Pay As You Go basis.

21 March 2018
Beta release of our address polygon mapping tool.  Draw a shape on a Google Map and extract all the address data from beneath it.  Please contact us if you would like to be considered as a beta tester.

10 March 2015
Royal Mail move their licences from machine based to user based. Going forward all licences will be based on the number of people having access to their data. Check Terms and conditions before renewing / ordering. These changes will impact all current renewals / licence holders.

15 September 2011
Introduction of several new list and postcode sites and several new products including wards, boroughs, the London file.  Busy busy busy.  Many more sites and products planned so if you have a preference as to which ones we introduce first then please contact us.

10 November 2010

We have been busy reworking the Grid References Files in order to reduce royalty and licence fees on the products we sell.  We have now revamped the Grid Reference to Postcode products so that they are not only cheaper for our customers but also cover the full UK including Northern Ireland. The Ordnance Survey data for GB is now at 1 meter accuracy instead of the 100 meter as we have replaced Royal Mail PostZon references with Ordnance Survey CodePoint. Ordnance Survey doesn't extend to Northern Ireland so PostZon 100 meter references remain in place for the postcode area "BT".

15th May 2010
Its been a long time coming but now we are ready to offer reworked Ordnance Survey data files. Elements of the OS data have been taken and applied to postcode data products to create a hybrid of information.

10th March 2010
We've started to create a postcode boundary file that integrates with Google Maps and Google Earth.  We hope that the file will be available in other formats such as Shape. It is our intention to offer these files either as a free download or at a significantly reduced rate. These Postcode Polygon files are generally sold under annual licence for circa £4,000 so we're hoping this effort will be appreciated by our user base. More to follow.

19th December 2009 launched 19th December 2009 as a result of increased demand and more importantly to help deliver the right content to our customers who specifically seek address and postcode products. We therefore thought it better to create this niche site rather than have our customers trawl through our general list site which offers marketing data and marketing advice (thousands of unrelated marketing lists). So, we thought it better to peel away the relevant address and postcode content from the and sites. contains just postcode and address related content for all 29 million addresses in the UK (business and residential), postcodes, grid references, postcode boundaries and postcode maps.

Here's hoping that the effort helps out our customers.With your feedback the site will improve over time to accommodate the whims and wishes of our customers. More News will follow as the site develops.....