Your Privacy and Our Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy: is an InfoLogic company and therefore follows the Direct Marketing Associations guidelines and is registered with the Information Commissioners' Office (ICO). We wouldn't  under any circumstance; share, loan or provide any information / data collected without your sole and prior authorisation.

A majority of the products sold by InfoLogic through its web sites contain Royal Mail and or Ordnance Survey data.  When a client purchases data from InfoLogic they are agreeing to notify InfoLogic of their on-going intentions regarding application and use of the data starting from the date the file was purchased.  To end the contract / agreement you will need to serve notice by writing to InfoLogic on or before the anniversary / renewal period.

To agree to cancel the purchase agreement / contract, InfoLogic requires written assurance that all data has been deleted and any application built on the back of or from the data has also been deleted, including any copies or references to the product supplied. 

Due to the nature of the products offered, refunds cannot be given.  This does not alter your consumer rights!

Important: Failure to notify InfoLogic of your intention to cancel the agreement / contract will result in an automatic renewal for a further 12 months.  This includes InfoLogic issuing an Invoice for the full licence fee which you the client agree to pay on immediate payment terms.

For avoidance of doubt, you the client / customer must accept  InfoLogic's Full Terms & Conditions including those show above before using the products and services provided / offered / purchased / leased / rented.