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Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF)

Full Postcode Address File (PAF) Sample
Partial Postcode Address File (PAF) Sample


FREE Postcode Areas and Districts List / Table Full UK Product File
Postcodes List (Areas, Districts, Sectors, Full Postcode) Sample
Postcodes to Post Town
Name Sample

Postcodes to County Name Sample
Postcodes to Administrative Wards Sample


Post Towns Sample
Counties Sample
Dependant Localities Sample

Electoral Wards and Administrative Areas

Postcodes to Electoral Administrative Wards Sample
Postcodes to Administrative Districts and Counties Sample
Postcode to Parliamentary Constituencies


FREE A4 UK PDF Map showing Postcode Area Boundaries Product File


Postcode Boundaries Sample

Grid References / X & Y Co-Ordinates / Eastings & Northings

Postcode Grid References Sample
Postcode to Royal Mail PostZon & Ordnance Survey CodePoint Sample
Postcode to Ordnance Survey (OS) Coordinates Sample
Postcode to Ordnance Survey (OS) Northings and Eastings Sample
Postcode to Ordnance Survey X&Y References Sample


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