PAF File Structure - Residential Example

Royal Mail Certified PartnerPAF comes as a RAW formatted file. The file requires a great deal of manipulation and correction before it can be released to end users in a structure that makes sense. After several weeks of processing we release the file to our end user customers in a structure that can easily be used in their applications. The main fields are:

- Organisation name - Street
- Department Name - Double Dependent Locality
- PO Box - Dependent Locality
- Building Name - Post Town
- Sub Building Name - Postcode
- Thoroughfare - Postcode Type *****
*****Signifies address has an organisation associated with it "S"=small user "L"=large user


Field on PAF Fictional Residential Example
Sub Building *
Building Name **
PO BOX ***
Building Number 16
Thoroughfare VIXEN ROAD
Postcode KT6 5BT
You won’t find the names of private individuals on PAF, except in instances where he only method of identifying a Delivery Point. Any surnames on PAF will be in brackets (-) in the building or Sub Building name fields. ** Business Only *** PO BOX are all classified as Large User Postcodes.

PAF Layouts Examples

Data Record / Field Layout Table;
Organisation Layout Example
Residential Layout Example
Surname Layout Example