About www.PostcodeAddressFile.co.uk

This site www.postcodeaddressfile.co.uk specifically addresses demand for two product types; postcodes and addresses. InfoLogic partnered with Royal Mail in 2007 and is now an authorised reseller of their Postcode Address File product (PAF).  The RAW PAF file undergoes significant development and restructure before being made available to end users. Now they also offer Ordnance Survey data which fits well within the existing products offered. OS data compliments Royal Mail's address lists and extends the value of these files for customers.

Our Partners:

Royal Mail Certified PartnerOrdnance Survey Certified Partner

Since the launch, InfoLogic has gone on to establish other businesses, brands and sales channels including www.list-logic.co.uk, www.comparisonavenue.co.uk and www.map-logic.co.uk. The good news is that they will not be stopping there as they have many businesses to launch in the coming year.

Partners: Milton Eldridge: Formerly UK Major Accounts Director for Yellow Pages, BT, Royal Mail, Acxiom and Experian. Milton left Experian in 2004 to form InfoLogic (www.infologic.biz). Richard Ives: Formerly Sales Director for Geoplan and later Map Info, joined InfoLogic as Partner in 2007. Together Milton & Richard have over forty years experience specifically working with Maps and Data.

If you wish to know more about the organisation or any of the products & services please contact us or visit the Frequently Asked Questions section.