FAQ: How is the Postcode Address File (PAF®) supplied to me?

Due to the size of PAF® (29 million records for the UK), we purposely split the PAF® file into five output files. Each of the five files are zipped into a single download ready for delivery. The compressed ZIP file will automatically unzip as five Comma Separated Variable (CSV) files. As a CSV formatted data file, you will find the format compatible with almost any application in the market place including SQL, Word, Excel and Microsoft Access to name but a few.

Providing you have used a non anonymous email account (examples of anonymous accounts include @HOTMAIL, @GMAIL, @LIVE, etc.). An instant link to your purchased PAF® file will be provided once payment has been accepted. If you've no alternative but to use an anonymous email account we will need to telephone verify your transaction during normal business hours.

Verified transactions using an anonymous email type of account will be output to CD and delivered via Royal Mail Recorded Delivery and there can be few exceptions to this rule. If you therefore need an instant download please use your company email address or an address that has been provided by your internet provider (e.g. @BT, @Virgin, @companyname etc.).

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